Out of the hospital

We found out on Tuesday that baby girl was out of the hospital.  They said they are happy to have her back and that she is so happy and playful.  She has recovered from severe pneumonia, thank goodness!

We also received updated pictures…oh my word.  She is not the tiny baby girl who was in the referral pictures in February.  Oh no, she is pure CHUNK and I can’t wait to kiss those cheeks.  Let me tell ya, they are oh so kissable.  I have actually requested that they double-check the measurements we were given last week because she looks like she weighs more than what we were told in the update.

So, the countdown continues.  We have the crib up now in our room.  The kids helped us clean it up and get it ready.  We have all of our help in place to manage our kids.  We have a call out to anyone in the area that might want to donate a can of soy formula or a package of diapers.  Our daughter, Hannah, is collecting friendship bracelets to give to the older kids who are waiting.   We are making progress but we are down to the wire now.

I will not get to stressed or too anxious about the details.  I rely on my God to give me peace and comfort in the details.  Ok, so feel free to ask me next week if I am freaking out….and if I am…remind me of this…please!

much love,



  1. Do you know what brand soy formula, what starting size diapers & what brand, what brand/scent wipes you are using and the minimum size clothes? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks!

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