Court Day Tomorrow/Tonight

If you read the last blog post, you know that tomorrow is a big day for us. It’s our chance to get our adoption approve d by the Ethiopian courts.

In fact, Ethiopia is 8 hours ahead of us, so dawn is breaking and the courts will open up soon.

We are realistic that often you don’t pass the first time. If anything is wrong with your paperwork, it gets kicked back and you have to reschedule, usually for the next month. Not the end of the world, but a longer wait to bring her home. There are also some new policy changes that could prolong the process.

At the same time, hopes are high and she has been on our minds today.

Thanks to everyone out there who is praying with us. Times like these make us realize that this is not just our journey. We share it with other friends and family, and lots of other adoption families.

Stay tuned …


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