Going to Court

So, last Tuesday, two weeks after our referral call I was out enjoying the beautiful sunny day.  I was chatting with neighbors and my phone rang.   Our case manager called with some more good news.  We had already been assigned a court date in Ethiopia.  March 15 we are going to court!

Why is court significant? That is when your child legally becomes yours.

What has to happen to pass?  One, there needs to be a letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Womens Affairs recommending our case to the judge.  Also, a member of the birth family needs to appear before the judge.

Do you always pass?  No.  Sometimes the letter does not make it to the court on time.  Sometimes the birth family does not come or they might come but have improper identification.  If you do not pass, you get rescheduled for approximately 2-5 weeks later.  We are prepared for the very real possibility that we wont pass the first time but we are going to pray that we do.

What happens after you pass?  Wait for an embassy date in Ethiopia.  Our agency usually has two appointment days per month.  One at the beginning and one at the end.  Once you get word of your date then you get ready to travel.

Disclaimer:  This is an abbreviated description of the process.   My brain is a bit tired as I write so I am leaving out a few details.  🙂

So, where do you all come into the picture during all of this?….by praying our baby girl home.  We ask that you would join us in prayer to pass on our first attempt.  In the days leading up to March 15 would you join us in praying our baby home?!  And, if we should need another court date would you pray that it would come quick and go smooth?

We are so thankful to all of you who are walking this journey with us.  Your prayer and support has been so comforting.



  1. I will be praying for you. Our first time around, the agency didn’t tell you when court was so we found out we’d had court and passed and were leaving for ET in a little over 2 weeks all in the same call. This 2nd time, of course we knew when our court date was. I was a wreck! I will be praying for you. I have a feeling you will get good news…

  2. We are praying every day for your family and your beautiful daughter. I truly meant what I said last night…I feel like we are on this journey too, thanks for sharing it with us. God has been so amazing and evident during this. We love you guys.

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