Spring breaks

The atmosphere in our home has seen a remarkable change since the referral. It’s a little scary to think how gray things seemed for the last several weeks before we received pictures of our little girl.

It’s not like we were without hope. We felt led to the adoption journey, and knew the time would come. Eventually.

The best way I can describe it is to compare it with winter in West Michigan. There is a period of flat, gray skies, dirty windshields, an underlying coldness in your bones in the weeks following the holidays. It can be opressive and monotonous, no matter what your home and work activity level is.

But in late February, or sometimes early March, you get a warm-up day. It may be only 35 or 40 degrees, but something triggers in your body. You notice that the days are longer, that the snow may still be coming, but it melts off the streets quicker. The birds are more vocal and there is a different smell in the air.

No, you’re not to spring yet. That may still be another month or more, but you have reached a milestone that gives you the strength to make it. And you know that when it does, it will bring out the best in Michigan, where nature spreads itself out, our spirits rise, as does our energy level and our hope for the brilliance and joy that the changing of the seasons will bring.

The referral is not the end of the line, but it is a shift in attitude for us. As strange as it may sound, we have passed a cold, gray period and that beautiful girl’s face is a symbol of springtime coming to our family.



  1. i LOVE that spring is upon us! and i’m so happy to hear that the referral has brought a noticeable shift in attitude for your family! so exciting!

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