Well, hello!

Has it seriously been THAT long since we have posted?!  I am not great at this blogging thing.  I see some of the families from our agency and they are writing amazing stuff on a daily basis…putting me to shame, ladies.  🙂

So, we have made it through the holiday season and it was great.  We spent time with family, enjoyed beautiful snowfall, played games and just tried to cherish our time together.  The birth of our Saviour is such an amazing reason to celebrate. 

I say it was great but I would not be completely honest if I didn’t tell you how hard it was.  Knowing that our daughter is out there and I don’t know who she is is just hard.  This is not a normal pregnancy, I don’t get to feel her kick, I don’t get to watch her grow in my belly, I have to answer a million questions…I was really hoping we would have received that referral call before Christmas.   But, bring on the new year, we are ready.  I have heard that they are expecting several referrals in the next few months so I am REALLY hoping that we will know her before the end of January. 

God has blessed us in so many ways.  We are healthy, we are warm, we are dressed, we are happy, we are fed, we have all that we need.  That is a gift.  I can’t help thinking about all the people who don’t even have all of that.  The birthmother of our daughter and what the circumstances are for her.  All of those kids that don’t even get the basics like a pair of shoes.  Recently, my parents purchased new luggage.  My mom told me she was maybe going to just throw out the old stuff.  I asked her if there was anything wrong with it.  It’s just worn out.  I told her I would like it to use to transport donations for Hannah’s Hope, the transition home our kids stay in.  She didn’t realize that we would be doing this and she started crying.  She told me she was going to start buying diapers and formula to bring to her grand-daughter’s home.  I just love the way my parents are embracing this process and the way their eyes are being opened to the needs out there.

Another thing my daughter wants to do is make bracelets for the girls at Hannah’s Hope.  Once we receive our referral she wants to invite some friends over for a bracelet making party.  Also, she wants to ask each friend to bring a donation for HH.  I love this.

I know God has led us here for a reason.  I love that we answered the call to grow our family through adoption.  I ask that you would all pray for these kids that need homes.  Pray that God would find their forever families.  Maybe, just maybe, He’s calling to you!



  1. aw…how sweet of your mom! and of your girls! I think a bracelet making party is a great idea!

    Hang in there ! I understand your feelings! I remember telling my husband that my child was out there and I don’t know who they are but I want them home! and started bawling. Can’t wait to hear who your child is!


    1. Thank you, Charissa! I so appreciate all of the AGCI families and all the support in the yahoo group. I don’t know anyone all that well but I love knowing I can call on any of you! What a blessing you are!


  2. I love this post. I can’t imagine what the waiting game is like for your child when you have no tangible, physical reminders. I have been wallowing in self-pity recently as my belly grows and I grow more uncomfortable – but I am humbled by your post, and will continue to appreciate even the discomfort!

    I love that H. wants to involve her friends in this process!

    It’s been great to watch you walk this journey – there is SO MUCH FAITH in the process of adoption…it’s really neat for me to be a part of this with you if even in a small way.

  3. The bracelet idea is fabulous. I can tell you that both girls AND boys in Africa love jewelry–beads, necklaces, bracelets. When we gave the Mully kids beads & lanyard and a pattern, they made the pattern, then 10 minutes later had undone what we gave them and re-woven AMAZING and intricate pieces. It was so neat to watch them enjoy lanyard & beads as much as they did. I remember last Christmas, Kristi, where I was where you are right now. Hang in there, this almost-done-waiting ramping up to getting your amazing news & photo of your little one is the really THE worst part, and it’s almost over for you.

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