We’re getting a little tired with waiting. It’s great to see progress and all (yeah, number seven!), but it definitely feels like we are in between all the build-up and the actual introduction to our daughter.

Is it bad to complain?

In fact, it really hasn’t taken that long to get to this point. It was around this time last year when we started seriously researching adoption, and February or March when we started the process. Nine months have passed. The length of a normal pregnancy. But our first referral picture (ultrasound) will probably not come until after Chrismas and the delivery will be months after that.

Tick … tock …

At the same time, this has been a good period for our family. Things are manageable. Christmas schedules are picking up and work is always busy, but family time has been close and meaningful. We’ve had an easy rhythm going lately.

Maybe that’s the problem. We don’t have the usual overwhelmed parent feeling and are craving the next round of action. Parents addicted to chaos.

We think about the Adoption process less. Another number drops off. We get closer.

We think about Her more. We wait. We just want to bring her home. Thank you God for giving us patience.

Tick … tock …

– Jesse


  1. And you’re already up to number five. I was checking my blog, and I think that was the last number we were given…we never moved up but about 2 months later we got our “phone call”. Your agency’s ops are a little different and you’ll probably go all the way to number 1, but man are you zooming! For us, this waiting was the hardest part, once we had his picture and name and info, we were a lot more at ease having a face to put with our prayers. Enjoy your last Christmas as a family of five.

  2. Parents addicted to chaos…I can totally relate. Keep praying for patience…God is instilling that in you right now because He knows you will need it more than ever when she arrives and the family needs to find a new rhythm…can’t wait to meet her!

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