Just for fun!

Okay, so in October we were #2o and when we received our phone call last week our new # is 10.  Our case manager told us to keep in mind that there are probably a few families ahead of us that are working on their referral process and can’t officially be taken off of the waiting list.  Stay with me.  So, I found out that two days later the family that was at 37 for October moved to 25 for November.  That is 12 spots to our ten.  Now, does that mean we can now assume that those few families are  off of the list and we are at #8?  Are you following any of this?!  I just love playing the numbers game, it makes it so fun to wait.

My point to this post is that I want your best guess.  Your best guess as to when we will get “the call”.  You know I am carrying my cell phone with me at all times and every time it rings I jump.  So, give me your best guess.  Comment hear or on my Facebook page.  If for nothing else, just to humor this “expecting” mom.  🙂

P.S.-I am realistic in my thinking and I know things could slow way down but I am just being optimistic that things will keep on moving.  And, having a little fun.

Thanks for all the encouraging words you send and for the continued prayer.  We are so blessed!



  1. ok, so I think you are going to be very thankful this Thanksgiving….not that you wouldn’t be otherwise. But my guess is that you will receive your referral on Nov. 24th. Just in time for Thanksgiving. Very optimistic.

  2. On Oct 6, we were #7 on the waitlist. On Oct 20, we received our referral!!! Of course, things don’t always move at the same speed, but I’m going for a guess of Tuesday, Dec 1. Hope it is soon whichever day it is!!!

    Sarah T.

  3. I love this idea! I think like you think and keep wanting people to make educated guesses. I am going with December 14th. It happens to be my birthday and what great news a referral would be on my birthday. 🙂 I just love knowing that children are being connected to forever families. There is nothing more heartwarming than that thought!

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