where has the time gone

I have no good reason for why we have not posted in so long.  I guess life is going by so quick and I keep telling myself that I’ll post later and later turns into even later and now, well it’s just time to post something.

There has been a lot of movement on the list.  Like insane movement.  If the “unofficial” list on our yahoo group is right then we have gone from 20 to 11 in less than a month.  You can imagine that has us scrambling a bit, in a good way.  Things to think about include travel immunizations, health insurance coverage, arrangements for our kids while we travel,  and so many more.  I just can’t wait to talk to our case manager next week to hear about our official movement.

In the meantime, I continue to pray for the AGCI families and their court dates.  For the staff and kids at HH.  For the staff at AGCI.  We have been so blessed by their continued caring and willingness to answer any questions. 

As I write this I am distracted by my coughing children as we have been bit by the H1N1 bug here.  I am praying that my own family can kick this and get well again.

So much going on but so thankful to see God’s hand working in all of it.


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