I’m assuming…

I know it’s not good to make assumptions but it’s all I have right now.  Last week we got the email to give us an official number in line.  On July 15, we officially entered the line at 37.  Last  week we had moved to 34.  Every month our case worker will give us an official update as to the change in status but while we wait for that we can try to  track our progress via the bi-weekly newsletter.  Anyway, as soon as Jesse came home Friday I could not wait to check our email.  There it was, the newsletter.  I quickly looked to the referrals…3 infant girls!  So, I am assuming that puts us at 31!  I really hope that I’m right.  Six places in one month gives me hope and something to look back on if the referrals start to slow.


To some of you this might sound silly, watching a list of numbers.  To me, while we wait for our daughter, it’s something tangible to hold on to.  So, at 31, she’s just that much closer to coming home.




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