Playing the numbers game

We read in our agency’s newsletter that there were 3 girls referred this month. That should mean (deductive reasoning) that we are down to 34 on the list.

I’ve been thinking about some different numbers this week. Like toothbrush holders. Kristi just got one for the kids bathroom and almost got the one with three holes. Nope, going to need the four-hole version now. Check.

For some reason, when we got stockings for our kids about seven or eight years ago, we got four. Hmm.

Elliot has this thing about balance and patterns. It really comes into play with Legos, where everything has to be equal and balanced. He makes some pretty cool creations. So we have three boys in our family. But we only have two girls. He counted that off more than once and told us of our deficiency. That was before any talk about the adoption.

Our kitchen table has six chairs. That’s the amount the set came with. For the longest time, we put the extra chair in the front room to use by the computer. It was just tucked back in the corner, looking cleaner and less scratched up than the rest. In the past few months, it made its way out to the kitchen, probably after hosting. The difference is, it never made it back into the living room. We don’t need the extra chair and haven’t been hosting much. Now it’s as dirty as the rest, but we eat every day with an empty chair. On purpose? Not really, at least not consciously.

Our kids are sticklers for being fair and even in all things good. More than once, we’ve found ourselves counting M&Ms, grapes, books checked out at the library, etc. Well, count the rooms in our house and who is sharing. Mom and Dad share a room (we’re not quite old enough to have separate rooms and separate beds – yet). The boys share a room. Hannah wants to share a room too. We deliberated setting someone up in the basement so Hannah and the new sister could have their own rooms. The basement bedroom is a primo space with large closet, lots of privacy, and it’s own soon-to-be-finished bathroom. She would love to have the room. But she still wants to share. Two to a room. Don’t mess up the balance, we’ve gone too long living odd already.

So what’s 34? The age I was when we decided to adopt. And we have to wait for 33 others. That number is the age Kristi is right now.

And what if we continue with three kids referred each month? That means 11 more months of referrals for others, with our referral on month 12. That’s right, August 2010.

It could be the 8th month where my 8 year old daugher will get a little sister and bring balance to our family.

At that time, I’ll be 36. That’s will be double the combined total of the ages of all my kids. ((Hannah 8 + Elliot 6 + Logan 4) x2)You can throw the new one in there too, since she’ll probably be under one year old and won’t influence the perfect balance.

Okay, this blog post is getting a little deranged. It’s 9:03. Add up the numbers and you get 12. As in 12 months from now. We could only hope. Better hit the save button before it Hit’s 9:04. Got nothing for that one.


  1. I was reading another blog post this evening and foud this snippet in it…thought you might like to read where one of those litle baby girls was referred to this month…

    Also, my dear friend Krista and her husband have been waiting on the Lord’s timing for years for another child. They have a daughter who is a little older than our Big Mac. They have just gotten their referral for a gorgeous little 3 month old girl from Ethiopia they’ll be adopting! I spoke with her on the phone a few minutes ago and am overjoyed at their news. Krista lives in Canada and we met when we both worked at a Bible camp years ago and were instantly fast friends. If you’d like to visit them, you can do so here.

    The blog is http://www.mycharming the post was today if you want to try the link to the family who was referred!

    God’s timing will be perfect 🙂

  2. Love this post that totally encapsulates the numeric insanity families go through while waiting. We find anything and everything significant and cling to it as long and hard as we can because for now, it’s all we have to hold onto. That and the hope of God’s promise that He wants us to life full, abundant lives. That’s REALLY what gets us through the waiting.

    In your next 12 months we are hoping to pay off the adoption expenses than start saving up for the basement renovation–where we will be able to make 2 large kid rooms so boys share one, girls share the other and the “dungeon” bathroom becomes a pleasanter place to do one’s duties. Then all will be equal and everyone will be sharing and life will be beautiful (and there will be a spare bedroom upstairs ready for …

  3. Hi Jesse –

    I’ve been a “silent reader” of your blog for a long time, and thought I would finally leave a comment.

    Your blog has been so meaningful and touching for me to read. I was adopted as a little girl, and the words and thoughts you’ve shared have made me laugh and cry! I’m sure my parents went through the same as they waited for me, and I know how much I wanted to be a “big sister,” and anticipated the day they would adopt again – which they did when I was 11.

    Tom’s brothers are both adopted, too, and so we are excited and full of joy for your children, too – we are biased, but we believe brothers and sisters are made, not born! 🙂 (Well, technically, they’re both, I guess!)

    Thanks for letting us share in the ride –

    Cindy Droog

  4. Cindy,

    Wow, so great to read your comment.

    It sounds like you have a story to tell too. Maybe one day our daughter will be read it and find inspiration … or just laugh and cry.

    It’s amazing how a little technology can help us lower our shields and let people into our crazy, wonderful lives.


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