Dossier Detour

It was super exciting this week to get the dossier (US and Ethiopia Govt) documents off. We even jumped ahead and got our CIS (immigration) documents out.

… then they both came back.

We sent the CIS documents to the wrong place, should’ve gone to Detroit not Grand Rapids. Not a big deal. Plenty of time for that as it does not affect the timing at this point.

However, our agency found two documents that were notarized and not signed in the dossier packet. One from the bank and one from the police station. And of course, we got the message just before the weekend, so our hands are tied until Monday.

I know it bothers Kristi more than me because she is getting antsy to get on the list. We have about 38 people in front of us, and they only get a couple of girls coming into the agency at a time. So a couple days of delay can set us back another month or so.

However, I see this more as something out of our control. If we really wanted to move this along quicker, we could’ve been more eimely with our Home Study and classes, or jumped on the dossier right away.

It’s just that when you are so close to getting to the next stage, any delay is exasperating.

But it’s a good family weekend, the sun is shining, we are all going to Chicago this next week while I’m at a conference. There’s lots to be thankful for.

Also, there’s still a lot more for us to learn. We’re getting into the Ethiopia food, books and culture, which is really fun and we need to blog about it. We also need to jump into the parenting and adoption books soon too.

Lots more ahead while we wait!



  1. (Jenna) ARGH! We had so many delays getting the itty bitty nuances of dossier documents perfectly correct. It honestly took us almost a month longer as we waited on other people to sign/notarize documents correctly. It is exasperating when it is out of your control. It will happen, and you’re right, in God’s timing. You wouldn’t want to be in the “wrong” place in line and adopt someone else’s girl, you will be right where you need to be in order to get your precious one at the right time. We are testimony to that with Taye. BTW–the waiter at our hotel told us that “Abdi” means “hope” in Amharic. We did not know that. Totally another God thing–how perfect is that to his life–God knows what He is doing. Thank you again for you know what. Can’t wait to tell you all about our trip to get you ready for yours. Injera over here ROCKS!

  2. Jenna is right! All in God’s timing. Be patient, He is in control and totally knows what He is doing!! I am so excited for this process for both of you and your family. SOOO, awesome and special!

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