Yesterday, we received three copies of our completed, approved, signed homestudy. This was one of the biggest hurdles in the process … and it’s now complete!

Our application went in on March 23, so it’s now been three months. We actually started our conversations and made commitments to move forward with adopiton a little earlier than that, so we can probably say four months have passed in our adoption journey.

Next is the dossier, which we have gathered most of the documents for. It’s essentially the rest of the paperwork needed by the US and the Ethiopian governments. We have most of the hard stuff done. We just need to get a couple of referral letters, write a letter, get a few pictures, and print off, sign and notarize a few more documents. Hopefully we can get this done in the next couple of weeks.

This is just a process date; not much emotion here. In fact, the past few weeks we haven’t talked about the adoption much or gotten into the work of preparing ourselves.

But that doesn’t mean it isn’t growing on us more and more. We are watching Dan and Jenna get their plane tickets and study up on their Amharic phrases. We find ourselves pointing our little girls and wondering what our daughter will look like. I picked up some books on Ethiopia at the library and we are beginning to soak up the country’s history and culture. I’m watching my friend Fred take his first trip in ten years back to his homecountry of Kenya.

Once we kick out the rest of the paperwork, we get back to the adventure of preparing this family for what’s to come.


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