The homestudy is nearly complete … thank you!

We received the homestudy writeup from our social worker. It’s essentially a 16-page word document that summarizes each of the areas we wrote about in our applications and talked about with our social worker. Things like finances, family history and relationships, marriage, parenting styles, work history and community support.

Throughout the document, it verbally checks off each area, confirming that we have adquate support, experience or resources in that area and are ready for adoption. There’s also some legal language specific to Ethiopia and the US, referencing certain laws that are heeded or documents that have been recieved. It’s the culmination of a ton of research on the part of All God’s Children.

We must also give a shout out to all of you who filled out reference letters for us. They were very involved and asked thoughtful, open-ended questions about us and our ability to parent. They were all boiled down to a paragraph, but listed words like strong spiritual leaders … thoughtful … compassionate … committed.  And our marriage was described with words caring … happy …  faithful.  And for parenting, some of the words used were kindness … nurturing … hands on fun. 

The really touching part was when it said that everyone would trust us with their own children. We know how big of a deal that is, and we are truly honored that we have that kind of trust with all of you.

So now, we are just waiting for some signatures and final approvals, and starting to pull together the last few dossier documents, as that is our next step after the homestudy is approved.

Sorry for the gaps between posts. We do have much to share and will try to tell some more stories very soon.


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  1. This is hooge news–probably the biggest and longest-taking part of the process that will get you to that “hurry up and wait” part of the adoption process. So looking forward to walking with you through your family’s process in the coming months. You ARE wonderful–that 16 page document just confirms it.

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