Where have we been?

It has been a while.  After our last post and finishing up the home visits we have just been waiting  for our homestudy to be written up.  We finally received the rough cut.  It’s quite interesting to see your life written up for you to read.  I have to say, I think we look pretty good on paper.  Now, back to waiting.  This time we wait to get on the official list.  For now, we will get the necessary dossier papers in order.  Get the notarizing done and be ready to send it on for our spot in line.

I have been thinking about our baby girl.  How it will be to travel to get her.  How she will adjust to us.  What her smile will look like.  How it will feel to hold her for the first time.  I know that God has the timing all worked out so I will hold tight to that when the waiting gets hard.  I can’t imagine going through this process without my faith and my God to walk beside us. 


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