Next up…dossier prep.

My how time flies!  We have finished our final home visit and it went great.  This weeks topic was marriage and parenting.  It is always interesting and fun to tell our story of how we met, how I moved out to California for Jesse, our wedding, our moves from apartment to apartment and city to city…  I love having an excuse to talk about what defines us and how we work as a couple and as a family.

Our next step is to start preparing all the documents for the dossier as we wait for the homestudy to be written up.  Things have been going so smoothly and I pray that God continues to keep his presence in the next step.  When we complete the dossier we will pay the next big fee and then officially be put on the list to wait.  When we started this we thought it would be great if we were on the list by September but our case manager seems to think we will be on the list by the end of June!!!

So, a few days ago I was with my friend, Jenna at a playgroup for families in Michigan who have adopted from the country.  In some ways it was so wonderful to see those sweet little girls, to put a concrete  image in my head but in another way it made me ache for our baby girl.  To know that we are just at the beginning and have such a long road to travel before she comes home to us can be hard at times.  I am faithful in God’s timing and His plan for when our daughter comes home and that is what will carry me through.

Thank you for all of the encouraging comments and your prayers.  We are so blessed!



  1. You are farther along in the process than you realize. Once your home study is in your hands, and you compile the rest of your dossier documents, all you do is wait. And in that waiting is the most beautiful and wonderful hard-core familying together as a family of five until that little girl is ready to come home. You guys ARE flying–how great to be ahead of the game, rather than lagging behind what you were expecting. Hope that keeps up!

  2. I’m so excited for you and your family. I pray that you can continue to hold on to God’s faithfullness while you wait. If anything we have grown stronger in our faith and closer to God through our wait for our daughter. “Strength will rise as we wait upon the LORD.”

  3. I am so thankful that this process is going so smoothly thus far. I pray it continues. We are so excited for your family and know that God will poor his blessings upon all of you. You are always in our prayers.

  4. That is so awesome that the process is going so smoothly and fast! Praise God! I am looking forward to meeting your baby girl too 🙂

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