Best choice

So, I’ve watched a few little girls this week.  One is just over a year old and the other is just about to turn one.  Anyway, Elliot and Logan really like the babies.  Elliot told me that he couldn’t wait for his sister to come home.  He told me “Mom, you and dad made the best choice when you decided to add a baby sister to our family.”  He keeps telling me that…just melts my heart!



  1. Awww! Seriously. That gut honesty from a little one who doesn’t censor what he feels is such a huge affirmation. So bummed we’re missing tomorrow’s picnic, but I know there will be more. Get ready to sit on your hands and you try to keep them from rubbing little heads and grabbing/holding other people’s babies…(or maybe that’s just me?)

    So glad your first home study is checked off the list. You’re hauling! Um, so, my first shipment of “dark and lovely” hair oil arrived. Here we go…

  2. This reminded me of our oldest son’s reaction when he came to see the newborn who would become his baby brother. He was almost four, and knew we were hoping to adopt a brother or sister for him. But since we weren’t sure whether the birthmom would go through with adoption, we told him only that I was at the hospital helping take care of a baby, and that maybe the baby would eventually come stay with us.

    He walked into the nursery, where there were close to 20 infants, and said, “Wow, Dad. Look at all these babies. Maybe we could buy one here and take it home.”

  3. Kristi & Jesse, I am so excited for you and your family to have a little girl join the Hertstein’s in Ada. It is so wonderful to hear that Elliot is excited about a baby sister. It’s usually the girls that get excited about a baby, which I am sure that Hannah is! But it is really neat when a boy sibling shares that excitement. Certainly a wonderful tribute to your faith in our Lord God and the way your children’s little feet are following in mommy and daddy’s footsteps.:))

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