Doctors, Notaries and such….

It has been a while since I have posted.  So, part of the homestudy and dossier prep includes getting physicals done and doctors signatures and forms filled out…  Anyway, the document for the dossier requires notarization which can be a bit tricky to coordinate.  We have been using a bank nearby as our notaries and they have been so good to us.  Then I call on my doctor…yeah…not so great.  Not willing to go to the bank, not willing to take it to the hospital so what am I supposed to do?  That’s exactly what I asked the notary at 5/3rd bank.  Her response “I’ll go with you.  I’ll leave the office early and meet you at your appointment.”  I thought this was incredibly generous so I arranged the appointment.  Of course the receptionist had to let me know just how busy the doctor is and hopefully it would work out.  Jesse said that they just had to be the bulldogs to help out the doctor. 

Day of the appointment…I show up, do my thing, notary is waiting in the waiting area.  The nurse practitioner is so sweet, giving me hugs, telling me how wonderful the news of the adoption is, what can she do to help, etc.  Now we call the notary back and my doctor appears…hugging me, asking what she can do to help, so excited for us, sits and chats for quite some time and I think to myself that I stressed for nothing.  They treated me exactly how I hoped they would.  Great!  Just goes to show that I need to let that go and watch God work as he orchestrates this amazing journey.  I feel so truly blessed!


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  1. Ahhh…I remember these days all so well! Just when you think you have it all figured out, something else comes up. Enjoy the ride! It’s a bumpy one at times, but the final destination is amazing!!!!

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