Good NPR segment on international adoption

I was listening to NPR the other day and they mentioned an upcoming program on international adoption, partly in response to the latest news about Madonna getting rejected in Malawi. We missed the segment, but just pulled it up online.

We would highly recommend checking it out, for adoptive families or adopted people. It focuses mostly on the international side. The first speaker, an author who adopted a couple kids, was okay, but we were more interested in a lady from Holt International, one of the larger international adoption agencies. She talked a bit about the current situation for adoption. They also had some callers sharing their experiences, a few from Ethiopia. The Holt speaker was very knowledgeable, but also shared her personal perspective as someone adopted from Korea.

A lot of the information, stories and themes are ones that we are hearing in other places, and it is reassuring that we are hearing the same messages. Anyway, here’s the link – it’s a 30-minute segment from Talk of the Nation:


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  1. Yeah…I finally found the updates…I’ve missed a few. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. We love to feel as though we are part of the journey but without all the work. We are so looking forward to meeting your new daughter.

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