Everyone has an adoption story

As we tell more people that we are adopting, we get lots of different response. Most want to know the whole story. Many have their own stories, or stories of people they know. Four couples we know have actually said that hearing what we are doing has stirred up their interst in adoption – something they had been thinking of for awhile but had not acted on.

Last week, Kristi and I went to San Francisco for a few days. I was there for a conference and she came along on a frequent flier mile ticket. We knew this might be our last big time away together for awhile. On the plane ride there and back, we worked on our personal profiles. When we finished up on the way back, the flight attendant, a large man in his thirties with braces on his teeth and meticulously-kept hair remarked that it was good that we were putting our “homework” away. As he passed along our peanuts and orange juice, he said it was no fun doing work on the plane.

We told him he was right, it was good to be done, and it was actually paperwork for an adoption. His eyes lit up and he congratulated us. Then he began talking about his adoption of a five year-old boy that he and his partner had completed a few years ago. He said, “Get ready to open up, because they are going to want to know everything about you. They asked about schooling and every job and how many sexual partners I’ve had. I don’t know what they need to know that for, but somebody out there knows more about me than I do.” He went on to tell us how long the adoption took and how difficult the process was and how his family is doing now.

He finally had to push on to the next row, the next drinks and the next peanuts. But each time he walked past, he kept patting my shoulder with affection and giving us a knowing smile.

It’s true, our agency knows just about everything about us now (although they didn’t ask the sexual parnter question), and we still have another personality profile to do for our dossier with more questions. We are actually blazing through our documentation. Now that we made our decision, it’s like it can’t happen fast enough. And hearing everyone’s stories just makes us more confident, and more longing for our little girl.


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