How introspective are you?

We are in San Francisco for a couple of days, courtesy of me going for a conference and using banked flier miles to brink Kristi along. This may be our last time to travel as a couple for a long, long time. I can’t imagine taking four kids on an airplane and going somewhere, but I guess we will eventually. It has been great to wander the city and just be around each other in a beautiful place.

On the way over, we worked on our homestudy packets. We got into some seriously introspective questions. I thought I lived the self-examined life, but nobody has asked me flat out what I thought of my parents’ marriage, how we show affection to each other, how to characterize my relationship with my sisters (each one). Whew!

It was actually a great exercise. We should never stop asking ourselves these kinds of questions and questioning our motivations, right? But who really does that as we get older and “grown up” – unless we are in counseling for something that has already spun out of control.

Anyway, we finished about half of the packets on the plane, and will hopefully finish the rest on the way back. We haven’t even gotten to the adoption questions, which will be really interesting …

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  1. We have flown with all five of our kids many times! If you go into it with a good attitude and careful planning, it actually isn’t that bad 🙂 The more they do it, the better they get at it too! The best advice I have for that for you to file away is to make sure you reserve your seats as soon as you can. Having two rows of three seats back to back would be perfect for you…each parent gets 2 kids!!

    Big families are so much fun. One thing I have taught myself is that you can’t not do something because you think it will be too crazy or hard. Then you are just denying yourself of the fun too. Hard work? Yes! But worth it in the end? Definitely!!!

    Hope you two are enjoying your time together!

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