My head is spinning….

Okay, I have been waiting by the door for these binders to arrive…they have come and now I want to hide from them.  Not really but I do feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the papers.  Where do we start, what if we mess something up, what if we have to wait for a document and while we wait another document expires….  Thankfully, we have an amazing agency to work with that will hold our hands through the process.  We have our call to go over the dossier packet on Tuesday.  Hopefully that will ease my anxiety.  I guess I just want to get them done quick so we can get on that list to bring our sweet girl home and I feel like that will never happen looking at these beasts (binders) in front of us.  As daunting as it seems I think we both feel so ready to get it going.

So, here we go…the process jump starts from here and I say “bring it on!”

Thanks to all for the continued encouragement!  It’s great knowing that we have so many people keeping us in mind and praying for us as we take this leap of faith and follow what God has laid out before us.



  1. We are thrilled for your whole family!! This is such an exciting time for all of you. Remember to take things in stride that way it won’t seem so overwhelming. I remember the daunting task of putting our dossier together; so please let me know if you need any help.

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