We’re in it for good

Our first big fat check is in the mail. No turning back now.

One of my colleagues at work has done some missions trips to an orphanage in Zambia. When she heard that we were looking at Ethiopia, she told me of a friend who adopted from Zambia and thought we might be able to go through that country with her connections.

That made us hesitate. Were we on the wrong track with our agency? Was this a better option?

I did some research with the State Department and found that Zambia had been shut down last year, and that you had to live there for 12 months before adopting. I passed this info along and waited. We were just about to send our first significant payment to the adoption agency so there was little time to switch gears.

She checked with her contacts and found that the shut down had ended, and the 12-month requirement had been reduced … to three months. That put Zambia out of the running and we gave a collective sigh of relief. Further evidence that we were on the right track, she mentioned that the person she talked to, who works in the Africa adoption world, had heard about our agency, All God’s Children, and gave it very high marks. So we were doubly validated.

Every day we are more committed. Not technically committed, that was a few weeks ago. But committed in heart, soul and spirit.

Oh, and financially too. (-:



  1. Love that you were able to write a check. Praying that you will be able to do that each time you need to write one and that somehow the money is always there. Get ready to see God do some crazy financial wizardry…we still don’t know how in the world we’ve had the money to do this, that’s how we’ve known it was totally God.

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