Leaking the story

This whole process of announcing to the world our intentions to adopt is pretty interesting. It feels different than a pregnancy somehow, I guess because it’s more of a decision than a physical occurence.

Our kids were the first ones we told. They were bright eyed and full of smiles. Now they keep asking if it will happen today, or next week.

Next were the families, then the friends. Everyone has been excited, and most guess what I’m about to say (actually, it’s a close second after guessing that Kristi is pregnant).

It wasn’t like a big secret or unveiling. In fact, we had actually discussed it with some of our friends over the past few months, including some that have adopted or are going through the process now.

It is a bit different in that you don’t just say “We’re adopting!” like you say “We’re pregnant!” You have to follow up with the story of how we got to this point, and the story about how it is going to happen.

Everyone seems to be as excited as we are … in a genuine way I think … not just for the baby but for the whole process. Which is great because we are too.



  1. It’s kinda weird. No one asks “how did you get pregnant?” or “how did you come to the decision to get pregnant?”, but there’s this feeling of entitlement people have when it comes to adoptions–like they’re allowed to quiz you all about it. It is indeed very different, but have personally I have liked talking to people about it because at times (especially for us girls) it’s a very intangible concept as opposed to the very real pregnancies we’ve experienced in the past. Somehow, talking about it and hearing yourself say it over and over helps it to really sink in–especially when there’s no expanding belly to assure you that it’s really happening.

    So, so, so excited to be your cheerleaders in this process. Thanks for being our support system thus far in our adoption.

    After you get all the “other” paperwork in order, we can start to draw up our kids’ pre-nup…

  2. Yeah, certainly not complaining. We love to share the story because the process is quite amazing. It’s so great to have some good friends who we can look to as mentors who are blazing a trail for us.

    By the way, there are four kids, opposite genders, similar ages. How about a package deal?

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