The signs.

So, this has been a decision years in the making.  We started talking about adoption before we even had kids.  A few years ago we started looking into it but just didn’t feel like it was the right time.  We never fully closed the book on it but didn’t do anything to pursue it.  We’ve talked about it in passing but all of a sudden it was just staring us in the face.  One night as we were relaxing after putting the kids down, Jesse asked me if I had been thinking about it.  I had…alot!  We decided to start researching agencies and countries.  

We started to see “the signs”.  On valentine’s day, our friend watched our kids so that we could go out for a few hours.  We thought that was the perfect time to go to the bookstore to do some research.  As we were driving our kids over we heard a commercial on the radio for adoptions.  As I pulled a pen out of my purse at church it was from an adoption agency.  One of Jesse’s coworkers had a dream about us being involved in the life of an ethnic child.  Elliot told Jesse a story about the kids in our family…Hannah, Elliot, Logan and Ella from Africa.  (We are adopting a girl from Ethiopia).    🙂  I asked Elliot about Ella from Africa.  His response, “Ella is the name Hannah wanted when we were playing cats and a sister from Africa would be cool.  Then she could bring us stuff.”  We hadn’t even told the kids yet.

I’ve asked other friends if we were just imagining this or if they had similar experiences.  I was glad to hear that they felt the same way as they were being called.  Such cool stuff.

Oh yeah, how could I forget the obvious sign…Logan has cherished his brown skinned baby doll for the last year and a half!  He takes her to bed every night.  He dresses her, feeds her, she even goes on outings with us.  Love it.  🙂



  1. We too have felt called since before we even had kids to adopt. We are just waiting for the high sign from God. Love how he has made it so obvious for you guys. Can’t wait to see what he has in store.

  2. So exciting! GREAT blog. Must be nice to get all these thoughts out – Can’t wait to hear more about this journey you’re taking… amazing to think there is this little baby out there, maybe not even born yet, that is destined to come here – and be welcomed in to such a great family.. she IS the luckiest girl!

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