signed, sealed, delivered…

Okay…we’ve sent in the application.  Now what…now we wait for the next packet of papers.  It still seems surreal that we are going forward.  It has been years since we first started talking about this and now is the time.   We put our trust in God’s plan and His timing.

This morning, both boys asked when the baby would be here.  Logan asked if she was coming tommorw and Jesse told him that it wouldn’t be for a while.  Logan’s response “Is she coming next week?”.  If only it were that quick.  Elliot also asked if we would be getting our sister tommorw.  It’s sweet to see how excited they are but at the same time it’s tough for them to grasp the length of time it is ging to take.

Such excitement over here!


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  1. My kids are still asking me what number we are on the list now that we have Taye’s picture. *sigh*

    Maybe someday they’ll understand this whole adoption thing…but for now I’m grateful for their exuberance despite the impending wait time.

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