We have decided

It’s taken Kristi and I about two years to finally make the decision we made last night. And the last step? Getting the blessing from our kids!

I don’t know where the spark started. After we conceived our first healthy, happy child? Or our second. Or our third. Definiately by the time we had our third. It might have been travels and seeing the need. Statistics in the paper. Sappy movies. Watching some of our friends take the journey.

I have always liked the idea of having our own children, but adopting too. Add some to the world. Help some already in the world.

What’s been happening in the past few months is more than just some good ideas or the ticking of biological clocks. I don’t always see, or maybe just don’t recognize, when God sends me messages. And I don’t always see the big picture of my life – those threads that weave together events that seem random or frustrating or unconnected. We have seen some movement and it is a story worth telling.

I hope this blog will be a look back for us, but also capruting each step as we move forward. Our audience will probably be our family and friends. Because more and more we maintain our connections online.

But our ultimate audience will be our kids. The three who are sleeping upstairs right now, each with different imaginations of a coming little sister. Also the one who is on the way – who may be conceived now, and have no idea that there is a crazy family in the midwestern United States planning and praying for her.


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  1. I have tears streaming down both cheeks, and I am so NOT a crier. This is just beautiful. This little girl is the luckiest in the entire world.

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